About Otherworldz
Otherworldz was dreamt up in our wildest imagination and brought to life in early 2015. Wanting to bring some the finest and most sought after alternative clothing and accessories to Hay-on-Wye, we set out to transform the former Tourist Information Bureau into what is now Otherworldz. It was a long an arduous journey with a few lumps and bumps along the way, but with a bit LOT of elbow grease and a few cans  LOAD of cider, we finally have what you see now! We aim to make shopping fun, exciting and more than that we hope to make it a memorable experience. We are striving to add new items to the shop all the time and continue to transform the ever changing otherworld.
Make sure you pop in on your next visit to Hay-on-Wye and experience it for yourself! 
Team Otherworldz

"The Guardian of the Otherworldz"
A.K.A. Dylan!
Sometimes, lurking somewhere in the depths of the dark corners of Otherworldz, a monster named Dylan hides, watching, waiting, for you! With the job of being "The Guardian of the Otherworldz" he is in charge of security, but more importantly cuddles and fun! Being the fantastic security monster that he is, he spends most of his time sleeping in the corner. Sometimes you may hear a bark if he is surprised by your visit! But he very soon realises that it's very silly to do so and instead adopts a more excited, waggy, bouncy approach to greeting you! 
Sometimes, if you listen carefully you will hear the snoring, sleeping monster.