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Trixie flower girl finger puppet included.

Features opening door.

Hand made in Nepal.


Approximate measurements;

Height: 6.5"

Width: 10"

Length: 9"

Toadstool House

  • Toadstool House

    Toadstool House was made into the humble abode you see now when Merlin the wizard was practicing his magic spell that enlarges things, 'Magnus Amplitudo' he wailed, and the Fly Agaric he pointed at grew so large that it drew the attention of all the local villagers. Trixie stumbled upon this huge toadstool when wandering though the woods and she knew straight away that it would make a lovely home. She has spent many years crafting away and perfecting it's look and now she plans to spend the rest of time, living happily ever after......

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